PROJECT Trio is dedicated to galvanizing artistic awareness through performance, education and community engagement. We believe that there is a direct correlation between artistry and scholastic achievement. Creativity encourages critical thinking. By combining classical repertoire with elements of hip-hop and popular music, PROJECT Trio engages today’s younger audience.

  • Our programs have been adapted to meet the National Standards for Music Education.

  • PROJECT Trio has performed for over 500,000 students on 4 continents, including over 40 states in the US.

  • With over 88,000,000 views on youtube and appearances on popular TV shows on Nickelodeon and MTV, PROJECT Trio is instantly recognizable to students of all ages.

  • By presenting instrumental music fused with hip-hop, rock, and pop, PROJECT Trio truly bridges the gap between classical music and pop culture.

Evening Concerts with Your Students!

PROJECT Trio regularly performs concerts that involve student musicians.

We have pieces written for any size ensemble and every instrument, including full orchestra, wind band, string ensemble, and jazz ensemble.  We are also happy to work with non-traditional instrument ensembles....basically, if you have kids with instruments...we can get them on stage performing for their parents!

This is usually a full day of activities including masterclasses and rehearsals, culminating in an evening performance for parents, students, and the community.

We also do evening concerts that don’t involve the students performing, but are open to the public.



For more information about programs and booking please contact Peter Seymour at