Our programs have been adapted to meet the National Standards for Music Education. We have specialized curricula for different age groups. Here is a look at some of our programs.



•specialized content for audiences K-12

•audience size up to 2,000(over 500 there are sound requirements)

•45-50 minutes is the standard length

•focus of the show is on the music and performers

    -high octane chamber music

    -exciting and visually stimulating

    -by the end of the show you really feel like you know the artists

•a journey through the genres and styles of music

    -classical, jazz, rock, salsa, hip-hop, and our unique original music

    -famous composers like Tchaikovsky, Mingus, Django Reinhardt, Prokofiev, Bach

•audience participation 

    -in concert beatbox tutorial, every kid(and teacher:) walk out beatboxing

    -a full audience “WAVE”

    -salsa rhythms tutorial



•all size audiences possible and all instruments can participate

•we have classes that will work in any situation

•50-60 minutes standard length

•Elementary school - all students

     -meet the artists up close and personal

     -see and hear the instruments up close

     -learn about how the instruments work

     -explore the possibilities of creativity

     -rhythm and movement class

     -scales and improvisation class

•Middle school, high school, and college - music students

     -chamber music and orchestra coaching

     -rhythm and movement class

     -improvisation workshop

     -instrument masterclasses

     -string and wind section coaching

     -multiple seminar discussion topics(up to 150)

        college and what to expect(middle and high school)

        what is it to be a professional musician

        business and music(geared for college)

        the importance of education and outreach(geared for college)

•Our classes promote the following skills:







      -Extended techniques