NYC - October 23 - DECEMBER 10, 2017

The Studio offers:

  • Performance Opportunities:

There will be bi-weekly performances by members of The Studio at venues around NYC, including Caffe Vivaldi, Rockwood Music Hall and others. The participants will be in charge of programming these concerts, with coaching and advertising assistance from PROJECT Trio. The semester will conclude with a collaborative concert at a recognized NYC venue, with advertising. All participants will get the opportunity to showcase themselves and their music from the course.

  • Master Classes & Workshops:

The program will begin with a 3 day intensive. After the first week, we will meet a minimum of 1 day per week from 10am-4pm for workshops with PROJECT Trio and several guest artists. In addition, there will be rehearsals coached by members of PROJECT Trio.

  • Coursework on Entrepreneurship:

All participants will participate in business seminar classes, giving them an opportunity to create and develop their business plans with detailed feedback.

  • Outreach and Education:

Participants will receive outreach and education experience and opportunities at schools, community centers, juvenile detention centers, VA hospitals, and other venues.

  • Recording Experience:

All participants will receive recording experience at a semester-culminating recording session. You will receive a professional recording of the music you worked on throughout the course.

  • The Studio is open to all instrumentalists. Come as a soloist or with your ensemble. Limited space available.

  • Tuition, Scholarships & registration, email peter@whatisproject.org.

For more information or to apply, email Peter Seymour at peter@whatisproject.org. Do not hesitation to email if you have questions about anything. We are here to help!

Unleash your creativity and gain real world experience!